The hanger

A major problem was finding not only the place for hanging but also the hanger itself. I decided that a quarter of my kitchen with an hour or so of direct afternoon light was best. The hanger was a much bigger problem. Even though the dried fruit might weigh a few ounces, a fresh one can weigh half a pound. Put many of them together and the weight can collapse a poorly designed hanger. After much experimentation and looking around, I found a simple wire shelf that would be the ideal solution.

My next hurdle was how I would hang them. I finally decided that bamboo sticks, with all their majestic beauty, simplicity and strength would be perfect. It was not easy finding ones with uniform diameter, but after a long stay at the gardening store I found just the right ones for the job. I tied them onto the shelf with wire to withstand the enormous weight. Now it was time to process the first harvest.

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