We have all likely heard of the Now, as in “be in the here and the now” or “be happy now. It’s the only thing you got” or some other inspirational quote.

But what is the Now? It is vast and unfathomable. It is the space where everything happens. Look at the cup. What makes it a cup and not a spoon is the space that it has inside it to pour our tea. Look at this room. It is a collection of chairs, walls, pencils and plates, and yet, without the empty space it would not be a room.

So the Now, is not just a slice of time of what happens or exists in it. It is the emptiness, the stillness into which everything exists.

And so now imagine us, empty, without the conditioned thoughts, without the titles, without the temporal artifacts or qualities we may have, without our stories. Who are we? Empty? Nothing? No, we are our true self. Our essence. We are in the Now. We are the Now.

That is why is so important that as often as possible we interrupt our thinking so that we can return to the spaciousness and emptiness and experience the world free of conditioned thinking and full of love and wonder.

Look at the beautiful rainbow that the sunlight made going through my window prism. That is the essence of the light.

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