At the beginning of every journey usually we take along a bag or a suitcase with the things we will need during the trip and to use when we arrive. Since there is not really a destination to this journey besides peace, I will ask you to take only a little carrying bag with two things in it.

The first item is very hard to find even though it is a universally accepted and fundamental truth: The sole purpose of every negative thought, no matter how “justified”, “appropriate”, “expected”, “necessary”, “pleasing” or “comforting” it might seem, is in some way to harm me, someone else or both. Do not wrap it too tightly because it has to be readily and easily available at any time.

The other thing is even harder to find: as often and as long as possible during the day, interrupt our idle, incessant, addictive, compulsive, conditioned thinking, even for a few seconds. It is always either about the unchangeable past, the unpredictable future or some sad or happy moment in either of them.

Perhaps you can consider travelling light and putting these two items in your pocket for easy and fast access, especially because we take this trip every day, every minute, every Now. Even if you do not have much of either, it is perfectly fine because simply by being here and reading these words you have some interest or you are willing or you have the intention to finding peace.

Look at these beautiful ginkgo leaves. Lay on them. Feel them in your hands. Smell their scent. See their beautiful and vibrant colors. Look at them without thinking of anything for two or three seconds or as long as you can.

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